Alumni Voices

Click on the names to read about the experiences of Cabot alumni and the ways in which Cabot High School influenced their lives.

 Ashley Ambroz        Ella Belenky        Jeremiah Breer

Caitlin Celley       Amanda Churchill       Diana Cogger

Cara Cookson  Jennifer Arnold-D’Agostino and Nick D’Agostino

Janet Daniels      Jese Feltus     Rachael Burtt Furlough

Doré Grier        Allison Gulka           Annie Gulka      Carrie Harvey      Tatiana Kaptan

Ethan Lay-Sleeper      Orion Lay-Sleeper    Theron Lay-Sleeper

 Shauna Rowell Lewis    Seamus Loftus     Maria McClellan

 Laura Nally       Meriah Nunn       Seth O’Brien

 Rachael Pitkin    Shannon Maxwell Pitonyak

Annie Rushman    Ellen Rushman     Kenneth Sousa

Elijah Schumacher    Brock Miller and Lydia Pitkin    Jeremy Sicely

Elijah Tebbetts          Roz Vara           Dudley Voigt

Deborah Walnicki     Peydon Wright


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